Our recording studio has plenty of space to cover any project. With the addition of our new Venue room, we can handle a complete live orchestra. As a matter of fact, we have held the Houston Children’s Chorus in our existing facility. There’s plenty of space to relax and get creative. Located adjacent to Town and Country Center and Memorial City Mall, we are close to all things Houston and Texas.

Pro Tools HDX

We use Pro Tools HDX. It’s peak performance and audio quality can handle anything and everything thrown it’s way. As a small boutique studio, we are very fortunate to have accumulated some of the top gear in the industry and recently installed the groundbreaking new Pro Tools HDX system paired with a new MAC pro computer and Universal […]

Control Room

Decked out with high quality, professional equipment designed to take your recordings to the next level. Our qualified and experienced audio engineers handle the mixing and mastering of your project right here to make sure you have the best sounding recordings possible!

Tracking Room

This multi-purpose room has a number of uses, from tracking drums and percussion, to orchestras and full vocal ensembles. The large area provides a rich and unique sound, creating the perfect sounding environment for your project’s needs!

Lounge Area

Relax between takes in our comfortable Lounge Area. Furnished with real leather couches, and even various reading material, so that you can keep yourself occupied while your fellow musicians achieve their perfect takes.

Amp Room

With a wide selection of house amps to choose from, SCMedia makes it easy for guitar players to find just the right tone for every application. Why use an amp emulator, when you use the real amp?

Iso Booth

The Iso Booth is sound-proofed with industry standard materials, ensuring you the most authentic sounding vocals you can get. The room is also great for recording acoustic guitars, auxiliary instruments, or anything you want to get a clean, isolated sound from.

The Organ

This beautiful C2 organ is from 1954! The B3 percussion module has been retrofitted to make this a full C3.  It’s been fully refurbished, so all the pedals and drawbars work like the day they were new… and it sounds every bit as incredible as you’d hope it would!

The Old Piano

The Old Piano has since been retired, however this piece of equipment was used on many a recording, and will always hold a place in our hearts, here at SCMedia.


Wait for your bandmates to arrive in style, as you relax in our foyer. This is also a great place to hang out and discuss takes with your musicians, while you take 5.


If you need a pick me up during takes, help yourself to soft drinks, juice, water, tea and an assortment of snacks.  Feel free to use our coffeemaker, or sample some of our own Red Dirt Hurricane. We also have information on food delivery in the area.

The Venue

The Venue is a fully functional rehearsal space, complete with sound system and professional lighting.  The Venue’s gig-like atmosphere is the best place to perfect your live show. Click Here to view The Venue’s webpage!