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Music is our passion at Stormy Cooper Media. Let us bring your music to life. 
A Houston, TX Recording Studio

Music is our passion at Stormy Cooper Media. Our skilled engineers are also superb musicians and know what it takes to make a timeless recording. It is our goal to get the best out of every client, regardless of talent level. We strive to create natural sounds from natural instruments. We are also hip on technology and can accommodate all performers from a single singer to an entire orchestra.
Need voice talent for a radio commercial, video project, or internet site? We can help. How about back ground music for your website, on hold music for your business, or just plain sound FX? With a stellar voice and sound gallery, and the ability to capture virtually any audio heard by man, we can build custom tracks for any need. We can produce your content here in-house!

Let's make some music, together.

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