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Radio Spots

Check out some radio commercial samples below and contact us today to help out with your upcoming projects!   Straight Reads If your spot needs a straight-forward, natural read, check out this sample selection from Stormy Cooper Media. No frills here. Just a common man’s normal conversational voice! Perfect for almost any application. Character Reads […]

Advertisements & More

Need voice talent for a radio commercial, video project, or internet site?  We can help.  How about back ground music for your website, on hold music for your business, or just plain sound FX?  With a stellar voice and sound gallery, and the ability to capture virtually any audio heard by man, we can build […]

On-Hold Tape, Sound Effects & Bed Music

We understand the importance of quality music and sound effects, so that you can create the most effective “theatre of the mind” that  you can achieve. Maybe you need that perfect ‘door slam’, or just the right rock music behind your commercial to really make it stand out… Leave it to SC Media!

Radio Imaging

Want top notch Imaging for your radio station? No matter what the genre, we can produce stellar imaging that’s sure to engage your listeners, and identify your station.