Radio Spots

Check out some radio commercial samples below and contact us today to help out with your upcoming projects!


Straight Reads

If your spot needs a straight-forward, natural read, check out this sample selection from Stormy Cooper Media. No frills here. Just a common man’s normal conversational voice! Perfect for almost any application.

Character Reads

This is just a small selection of some of the many character voices we’re capable of creating at SC Media. We can do almost anything, from accents and dialogues, to classic voices, like the “surfer dude”! The best way to add character to your spot, is with a character voice!

Announcer Reads

For strong sounding applications, such as calls to action, and one-day sales, your business needs a strong voice. The professionals at SC Media can give you that strength, and more, to ensure your clients get the message, and ensure you get their business.

Club Reads

The perfect hotspot for the perfect night on the town needs the perfect spot. Make sure your club or bar sounds cool, hip, and on the cutting edge, with a club spot that makes you wanna buy another round, and dance the night away.