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The Venue

The Venue is a fully functional rehearsal space, complete with sound system and professional lighting.  The Venue’s gig-like atmosphere is the best place to perfect your live show. Click Here to view The Venue’s webpage!

Kenna Danielle – Good Reputation

Kenna came into the studio and commanded the vocal mic.   Writing all of the songs on the album except for the Billy Joe Shaver/Waylon homage, she proved that good songs are a gift.  She received this gift early on and even penned one of the standout songs when she was only twelve.  Look for […]

Wade Andrew Smith – Live at Blanco’s

 To show proof of his love for honky tonks and honky tonk music, it just seemed right to record a live record to capture the way it was done night after night at Houston’s cherished Blanco’s off Alabama Street.  Now closed down, the sounds of spills, laughs, and songs come through on this record of […]

Jacqui Sutton – Notes From the Frontier

Notes From the Frontier, Jacqui Sutton’s follow-up to her album “Billie & Dolly”, was recorded, in full, right here at SC Media. This labor of love showcases some of Jacqui’s most incredible work to date, and it most certainly shows on this record! An amazing sounding album from top-caliber musicians, outstanding producers, including of course, […]

Tori McClure – Courage

One of the most promising up-and-coming acts we’ve had the pleasure of working with, Tori McClure honored SC Media with the chance to work on her debut album “Courage”. Tori’s superb song-writing and exemplary singing are skillfully showcased in this incredible collection of songs, and she couldn’t have been more of a joy to work […]

Jesse Raub Jr. – Blame it on the Music

Jesse Raub Jr. is as nice of a guy as he is talented. We had a blast working with him on his album “Blame it on the Music”. From fast-paced, high energy tunes, to heart-warming, soulful melodies, this album displays a variety of Jesse’s musical abilities and skills. As producers, our job is made easiest […]

Michael Carubelli – Here We Go

A hot new up-and-comer who has held down the house gig at Schoepf’s BBQ in Belton, Tx for the past few years, Michael Carubelli leaves a lasting impression on all who dine there. This was the case when producer Stormy Cooper had the pleasure of meeting Michael for the first few times. Teaming up for […]

Roger Creager – Surrender

Creager called on us to record the vocal tracks and harmonies for his latest album, “Surrender.” Grammy Award winning producer Lloyd Maines produced the record and SCmedia’s own Lyndon Hughes sang 90% of the harmonies on the album. It debuted in the top 40 of the Billboard Country Chart. Look for the record wherever music […]

Wade Andrew Smith – Far from a Fool

We had a great time recording some good old true country music with our buddy Wade Andrew Smith.  He has a great voice and a knack for finding well crafted songs.  His band plays around the region and are in high demand for anyone or any organization that wants to scoot their boots.  Look for […]

Antioch Road Band – It Ain’t Easy

The Antioch Road Band is a rocking five piece band from all over the state of Texas. They bleed pure Texas/Red Dirt Rock, from writing and playing their own music to covering popular Texas tunes.  Great songs here! Our favorite is “Sundress”.
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